Consciousness, Connection, Clarity.

Bringing spirituality to the awakened soul. Guiding you along this Life Journey by diving deep into your truth.

Helping you to transform and align with your inner light.

Are you ready to open up to greater prosperity and live a life of freedom through serving your Soul’s purpose? 

Yes! You were born ready!



After a personal session with me you can expect to feel like you have gained a better insight on your personal self, energetic surroundings and clarity of your future.   If a Spiritual connection is your desire you will gain a deeper understanding through the connection.  During a mediumship reading I can provide such details as physical characteristic, personality characteristics, sentimental past events, references to items and even names.  It is my deepest desire to assist you to gain understanding, happiness and even during a mediumship reading..

Ready to take the next step?

Book today and experience Valerie's unique way of performing a detailed one-on-one reading. 
 Allowing her to connect with your present consciousness and subconscious.  She will give you validating points from your past as a personal confirmation yourself that this is the real thing! Her Gifts are not limited by space, time or distance.  Valerie routinely performs Personal Readings for Individuals Located around the world! 

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Crystal Jewelry, Pendants, Hairpins, Key chains and even Pet Charms!  

Browse this beautiful collection of handmade crystal pieces, each unique in characteristics and appearance.  Explore the natural Crystal and Gem collection exclusively from Canada.


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