10 Confessions of a Psychic Medium

Life as I thought I knew it, with a little twist!  When I was a young child the world was a very fascinating place to me, people intrigued me.  Most people were “the same” but some people had a unique essence, almost inviting to me.  Wonder would set in but as a child my life experiences were limited so it was very hard to imagine how another’s life was much different from mine.  I developed this understanding that most people, not everyone but most people were just like me.  Living a simple life in the moment, laughing at anything that feels goods, so ultimately yes I had a happy young childhood for the most part.  It was in my later childhood years that I really began to notice people’s emotions, personal characteristics and over all energy.  I did not understand ANYTHING!  I would experience these emotions that came from what seemed like nowhere to me.  I had no reason to be triggered in such an upset or angry way but all of a sudden I was!  It was when I acknowledged the emotions and began to wonder where they came from; I would hear these voices in my mind again that I heard as a child.  Not “bad voices” just voices.  Answers to my unanswered questions, direction and guidance when I truly needed it and sometimes what I started to call personal movies or visions.  I started to like the voices; they were helping me in life.  Guiding me and there for me, so I started to share my mental experiences with others.  (BIG MISTAKE!)

Then it hit me, I was 12 years old, depressed, hiding away from society and even had made a plan to attempt suicide by hanging when I was “caught.”  I am not sure to this day if I would have done it because the months that followed were even worse.  I was taken to see doctors, councilors, special classes in school but I was too young to be medicated in the eyes of my parents (Thank you!).

I never truly addressed the “problem” or those voices.  I was told not to talk about them from doctors, teachers and other adults.  My mother had always been very accepting of my gifts and encouraged me to learn more.  I would be shunned from society and locked up on medications if I had continued my behaviour.  So I had no other choice than to shut the voices out, as much as I could.  Stop talking about it, stop learning, and just fit in to society’s cultured mold as the young person I should have been.  I truly did try my best to “fit in” and when that didn’t work, I resorted to being the bad girl everyone loved.  I was the life of the party, engaging in illegal activities and making horrible choices that would only send me deeper in to my depression than I could have imagined.  We all know every party has to come to an end…


I was released from the grips of teenage torture we call high school.  Finally, free to be myself and I did just that! I learned, explored, and tried new things.  When anyone tried to limit me and my possibilities I would push past them, including my parents.  I wanted the freedom to live, learn and grow on my terms and no one else’s!  Being very headstrong and determined I made my self an independent woman and started my life journey alone in my very own apartment at the age of 17.  Late nights, long talks and a few bad choices later I finally discovered something I was truly passionate about.  As well it was a part of my “gifts” even though at the time I did not see it.  Animals, dogs in particular became my biggest interest but not in a way that most people would assume.  I was interested in the canine species because I could feel the pure love in each of their essences.  Still, to this day and for many years I have studied animal communication, behaviour, and how their mind’s work on a deeper lever.  I did not realize it at the time but I was slowly allowing the dogs to guide me in the opening myself up to my gifts once again.  Let me tell you, life got very intense very quickly but in a good way!


When I finally realized that I was naturally communicating with the dogs in my mind (telepathic communications) and the proof was evident in the relationships I would form with them.  Even I could not deny my true self or “gifts” any longer.  Unknowingly I had jumped in with both feet and I was surrounded by nothing but love! What an awakening it was to experience.  I very quickly came to terms with the voices in my mind but even more so I learned about them.  When learned unwavering trust of myself within the voices were much clearer, even more interactive than ever before.  Same as my visions or personal movies, they had become much clearer thanks to my animal communication as well because a lot of times animals communicate with pictures and feelings rather than mental chatter.  I love animals, and I always will but humans still fascinated me but from a different perspective now.  I wanted to understand what makes us who we are as a soul? And why do we think the way we do, but not in a comparison or judgmental way.  To understand how I am different was my attempt to understand the best way I could communicate with others that don’t “think” or “feel” the same as I do.  Let me share with you a small list of some of the things I have learned thus far along my journey.



Honesty is Key


Confessions of a Psychic, In my Mind

1.            I do not look at you and “know” everything about you, all your dirty secrets!  I don’t try to see in to you nor do I care to see into you without your permission.  I would have no validation and it is all just in my head.  Who, other than you (the person I am reading) would know if the messages I am getting are “real”


2.            As a psychic I feel that I have a certain responsibility to uphold personally.  I am not perfect; I do not “know” everything.  I do work daily to train my mind and improve my gifts for my benefit and yours. Some techniques I use are meditations, Mindscape, yoga and more.


3.            I am just as mind blown as you are when we have a huge breakthrough in your reading and you experience a healing or awakening you didn’t see coming…. I didn’t “see” it coming for you either!


4.            I am connecting and communicating (channeling) to Spirit and or Universal Consciousness.  I am the messenger not some all-powerful magical being! It is my job to interpret the messages I receive in a way that you will understand them and since I do not “know” absolutely everything about you this can be tricky when first establishing our connection.  5.     Spirit or Universal consciousness will only tell you want or need to know.  It knows what is too much for you to handle and what is not.  I have actually had to explain to clients they could not handle connecting to the past loved one they are seeking for personal reasons.


6.            Most times I will forget what was said during your Reading.  I do not mean to be rude but this is why I offer recordings (highly recommended for repeat clients) as I am channeling and using my subconscious mind in a way that I cannot consciously remember every detail to every reading.


7.            Being a Psychic is draining!  I mean I do not mean to complain but some people do not understand the amount on energy that is used/ exchanged during a reading.  I need breaks too!


8.            **When I am doing a Reading I will experience the emotions of the client and or the spirit we are connecting too.  These emotions and memories or visions are very real images in my mind.  – Animals really use this as a way to get their true feeling and emotions across- this can be very intense and overwhelming depending on the connections or healing the client is seeking.  I call it a psychic smack in the face! – You don’t want to tell me anything before the reading but you know it’s not going to be a positive reading (it happens more than you think).  Some examples of situations are people looking to connect to a loved one that was lost in a tragic way or animals too.  Sometimes even looking back on a person’s past can be rather intensely draining.


9.            I get overwhelmed with messages. – people asking for free reading and people that will only book me for a half an hour trying to drag a reading on for 3 hours.  I do not let this happen and I will hang up.  I do not owe you my gifts past our agreed and committed to time frame.  Yes I am compassionate and caring but I am offering my gift as my job and service to the world I HAVE TO EAT TOO or well I wouldn’t be here to chat with you would I?! Therefore, I have to charge for my services.


10.         I find it much harder to read a person I know really well.  11.           Lastly… for now.  I have been bullied, verbally and mentally abused and even controlled for being a “Psychic” I have heard it all and I am not interested in the negative energies people have to project towards me.  If you do not like what I do for whatever reason then move one because you will not be validated in my world!

I have to tell you it feel amazing to share this with you!  I feel like I am make some true connections and building amazing relationships, the world is an amazing place if you let it be. 

Please Feel free to leave Comments, Questions or even Share your Psychic Stories!! I would love to hear from you!


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