A Client Once Asked Me...

A client once asked me, “If I had another reading in a few months, would it be different?  Or is my fate set in stone?”

The answer to this question is based on belief systems, not religion.  We are human; we are born with choices to make in each and every moment of our lives. I think we can all agree that we have the right to choose the path in life we want.  Everything happens for a reason, and every action has a reaction.

My beliefs and experience have proved to me over and over again that we are more than we think we are.  Our journey, fate, or destiny whatever you would like to call it, comes from the soul within us. 
Before the Soul takes physical form in a human body it charts a life path, a purpose or destiny for the journey as a human being.  The Soul charts all of the people, events, love, romances, loses, and even health issues.  The people we meet in life cross our paths for a reason: To teach us a lesson or to be taught a lesson.  Situations occur in our lives as preparation for the events yet to come.  We experience what it is feel like to love as a human in many forms: Friendships, families, pets, animals, lovers, and the beauty of life.  We experience pain to realign us with our true natured loving selves, and to learn to appreciate what life has to offer as a human.  In sickness and in health we learn to care for each other.  We prepare for new beginnings and tragic endings. But throughout all of the experience Life has to offer as a human being we always have a choice.

So the answer to my client’s question, “If I had another reading in a few months, would it be different?  Or is my fate set in stone?”
Yes your reading would be different, depending on your choices and actions during those few months. 

Picture your favourite walking trail in the forest, as you walk along do you notice the bends and curves the path takes.  Do you notice the paths that branch off and join in with your favourite path?
Our charted Life Path can be viewed in a similar way.  Life always has its “ups” and “downs” (the bend or curve in the path), exciting sporadic moments involving people places and situations that come out of nowhere it would seem (a path branching off or joining to your own). It is the external influence that guides us to make the choices that we do (bright sunny path vs. dark scary shadowy path). But just like in the forest, somethings in life are not what they appear to be.  For example, a fallen tree blocking the route of your path (in life it feels as though we have hit a wall),  would appear to be a bad thing or negative situation when really it brings positive outcome to your journey later on your charted path.  But how would you know this, at the fallen tree you have two choices, left or right? One path is shadowy and looks like the easy way, another path is bright and up the side of a beautiful mountain, but remember, we are only human and in times of feeling in despair and stuck we look for the easy way out which is not always the best way.  Sometimes it can be hard to see that the tree has fallen on the route of our path for a good reason.

The choices you make will be determined by on your perspectives in life consciously and subconsciously.

It is not ALL ABOUT YOU though.  Think about the people you meet and what they bring in to your life.  Some people have strayed from their path or purpose and attempt to lead others astray with them. Another person’s poor choice can have a dramatic influence on another person’s life.  Ex: Drunk driver causes a car accident rendering two children orphans.  That drunk driver’s single choice to get behind the wheel was all it took to completely change the lives of the children who survived.  – The smallest action can cause the biggest reaction.

So yes I would like to say we all have choice.  Our lives are not set in stone; we can stray from our paths.  We can positively and negatively impact others paths without even realising.  We all have a purpose in life that we have charted as a Soul before taking on a human form.  We all have the choice to live and fulfill that purpose or not.  We are after all is said and done Souls living in a Human Body living out the Journey we call life.  Enjoy your Journey while it last!