I was born this way!

One of the first questions I get when meeting someone new is, how did you know you had these gifts?  Most people naturally assume I was born with them, but what they do not realize is that we are all born with these “gifts” or talents or skills whatever you would like to call them! For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to my consciousness as “gifts.”

To answer the questions yes, I was born with my gifts.  I have had so many paranormal or unexplained situations in my life I have lost count of them all!  The funny part to me, most people just assume I had a wonderful life and childhood and everything is filled with rainbows and fairies.  As a child I couldn’t explain what I was seeing, hearing and feeling.  No one else around me spoke of similar experiences until I was a little older…

At the age of about 5, I was introduced to the idea of having a spirit guide.  I feel like this was said as a way to comfort me but not to dismiss my experience as just my imagination.  The things I was seeing and hearing and feeling were very real to me and I was convinced.  Getting a little older I began to see other apparitions in new places I would go.  I learned at a very young age that I was different.  One of my mentors here in the physical world told me one day that my spirit guide would keep me safe and protected.  If I was scared and didn’t want to see, feel or hear these energies anymore all I had to do was tell my spirit guide I was not ready, and ask him to keep me safe from things that scare me.  

I stopped seeing things almost immediately, but I always heard the voices and could feel the energies.  Reaching about 11 years old I was still terrified as I could not explain what was happening to me, it was so strange and odd but not always in a negative way. 
Many late-night phone calls and visits and I finally started to believe that these energies that I could still hear and feel were positive and trying to help me in some way or another. My mentor told me to learn to listen to the heart. 

Now you have to remember I was a child in the 90s and I was being socially conditioned just like the other children were too.   13 Years old with very few people to talk to about all of this, it all became too much for me I was trying to block out and suppress my gifts.  Hoping I could be normal, I had tried to do this all through high school.  I finally had a bit of a fresh start with all new peers and no creepy reputation.  So let’s fast forward to my last semester in grade 12.

I did not realize at the time but my intuition was becoming more present in my daily life again.  Bringing back all the strange coincidences into my life and odd experiences but, this time I had friends to talk to about my situation.  They didn’t always understand but they would listen without judgment because they knew me and they knew I was a little strange. 
It wasn’t until I was in early 20’s I decided to start researching are looking for others like me.  Most of my 20’s I spent alone, learning, observing and changing.  When I first started to learn about my gifts through others I took a while to reflect on my life so far.  I could remember all these times during my high school years where these things would happen to me or I would say very odd things and people would just ignore it around me.  I could remember following my intuition when I was in the wrong places at the wrong times, yes it happened much more than once! I remember when I was fresh out of high school I moved out of my parents at the age of 17.  My first apartment was an old grungy basement in which a murder had taken place about 2 years before I moved in. Rent was very cheap and I was already working 3 jobs at the time plus, the more important part was I had known the man who was murdered in the basement I was living in.  I did not know him well, we were more of acquaintances but he was always very nice to me and I to him.  When I lived in the basement I felt a sense of comfort from him.  As if he wanted me to live there and he would keep me safe if anything happened (and lots of things happened including my landlord letting himself in and watching me sleep….).  At that time I had thought I was shutting out my gifts but during my reflection, it became very clear to me that I had just tuned my gifts the way I wanted them to work for me.

During my 20’s I spent many late nights researching, watching documentaries and taking courses to learn from others. At this time in my life, the friends that I still had around me had long accepted my weirdness and grew accustomed to it.  It is funny how the universe guides us in the direction we are supposed to be going while we are so clueless at the time.  I found myself reading into people so much that I could not control it.  My energy was draining and I was in a low vibration, a weak vulnerable place.  I spent about 3 years resting, observing and learning but mostly resting.  Not only was my mental and emotional health affected but my physical health as well.  I had begun to faint and have dizzy spells several times a day.  After seeing numerous doctors and multiple tests no diagnosis could be given so I was left to rest, Dr.’s orders.  

I feel my resting period shifted into a self-healing period when I started to literally crave learning about energy healing, consciousness based healing and overall health. I found myself taking courses to expand my knowledge at a fast pace. First I took BodyTalk, then I took Mindscape. (Not to discredit Bodytalk or show no interest, it is a whole story of its own)  Mindscape was life-changing for me.

In a matter of 4 days, I had reflected on my life, gained insight into my entire existence and purpose in life all while learning the technique of mindscape.  After the fourth day of the course was complete I decided I was going to jump into myself with both feet!  What I mean by that was I was going to start living my purpose unapologetically to the world.  And so it began, my online presence was created and my gifts being shared.