Psychic, Medium Sick Days...


Sick days from my perspective! - Valerie Boyce


That is right, it happens to everyone!  Sick days are no one’s favourite day but this is how it feels from my perspective…. Without sounding like I am complaining too much!


Let me tell you how it begins, kind of like warning signs to book a day off or take some me time.  First I feel cloudy, like my mental clarity has a thing fog that cannot be lifted.  Hours later I begin to feel naked.  You know that feeling when you do not have your cell phone, or wedding ring or that item that you carry that makes you feel complete.  In my case when I am cut off from my gift I feel incomplete, this is why I dread sick days the most, (also why I completely avoid alcohol).

That feeling that apart of you is lost or missing coupled with a massive energy drain.  The feeling of being so tired you want to nap every 3 hours and each time you eat, or after tending to any responsibilities.  The lack of energy makes it hard to be productive in any form at all, tied to the lack of mental clarity being sick can be very frustrating! 

When I get sick I usually experience all of the symptoms and a few extras in a worse way than most… to be polite about it!  I do things in my daily routine to try to avoid being sick just like many others do but in today’s society viruses and bacteria are everywhere!

I would like to think that I did not overly complain, but gave you an enlightened perspective in to how I am feeling if you ever receive a last minute message to re book.  I do not plan my sick days or nor do I look in to my own future (that’s a whole notha blog post my friend!).  I have heard it all, “didn’t you see that coming?”… My answer… well no, but I felt it!  I focus my energy channeling for others.  I do not look in to my own future like most would assume I can and do.  I exhaust my energy living in the present moment because that is all there truly is. 

I have many natural and holistic tricks up my sleeve for when I do become sick and I usually can recover fairly quickly but please remember, ..

I am only human too!

Some days I feel like everyone needs a little reminder to bring them back in to this reality we live in.  Everyone gets sick.  I do my best to give 12-24 hours’ notice (depending how quick the onset is). 

But… let me flip the coin for a second!

If you are receiving a reading and you are sick can it affect the reading with me?  Yes it can!  I will immediately start feeling how you feel!  I will pick up your emotions and physical symptoms and this can cloud me!  If you have a flu, cold, or are experiencing a lot of pain I will feel it.  It does not last for me.  When I bring awareness to what it is I am feeling and knowledge to my body that it is your energy I am reading I am able to let go of the symptoms or pain.  This is not the case with head colds, flus, congestion and similar forms of sickness.  I highly recommend you connect me and rebook.  When you rebook please give yourself time to heal as it is my policy I only allow one chance to rebook.

I know this can be hard for some to understand but I thank you for taking the time to see things through my perspective.   I am sending Happy, healthy vibes of positivity to you.  Thank you.

After recently suffering a very sudden onset of food poisoning and have to last mind re book many kind hearted and nice people I felt there would be no better time to explain how it feels without the gross details.   I am thankful feeling much better now!