What Is An Intuition Coach?!

An Intuition Coach is a professional who follows principles and teachings of traditional Life Coaching such as goals setting, creating action plan, working on blockages, habits and beliefs, but moreover allows you to connect to the deepest parts of your-self, guides you through your intuition and helps you to tap into the power of the divine energy we all feel the presence off.


The laws of the universe are the key elements that take part in the intuitive coaching practice.  One of these laws indicates that everything around us is energy.  Including human beings, we are vibrating energy too, but on different frequency levels.  Our mental state and emotional state will determine the frequency of vibration that a person is projecting to the universe and therefor in return receiving back in to their life.  An intuitive coach goes even deeper and guides you to become aware of your own inner light, energetic fields, thoughts, and emotions by creating awareness. Through guiding you to gain control of your emotions, you shift your mental and emotional state to bring you back into the alignment with the source (god, the universe, whatever you would like to refer to a higher power as.)

Everyone’s Journey is unique; the process of healing, learning and growing takes place at a “time” in your life when you are ready.  Life happens for a reason.

Sister to the universal law of attraction are the synchronicities within the universe, or as some “not yet woke” perceive them to be uncanny coincidences.  So, if everything happens for a reason that would mean there is no such thing as a coincidence, right?!  Synchronicities are the language of the universe.  They are signs and symbols the source or universal energy is using to connect and communicate with you.  These unlikely but meaningful occurrences give us a glimpse to the underlying workings of the universe. These moments reaffirm our faith and our belief that there is a greater power at work at all times.

When a person begins to live in alignment with their soul’s true purpose they begin to experience many synchronicities at one time.  I call this living intuitively, but it has been referred to as “living in the zone” or “feeling like you are floating on cloud 9”, but for many people it never lasts!  Positivity, love, abundance, “luck,” good fortune, alignment with your purpose and overall happiness is your birth right as a human being; you were born with tool intuition. 

My goal is to not only guide you through your present situations but to provide you with the tools, techniques and resources to be able to continue shifting along your journey as you face your emotions, past traumas and fears moving forward.  Intuitive coaching goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge than a traditional coach as it not only analyses your behaviours but also examines it on an energetic, spiritual level. This allows a true energetic, mental, emotional, and even physical healing to take place as you shift in to an intuitive lifestyle permanently! 

As an Intuition Coach and from my experience coaching individuals I have learned that only once a person finds their purpose, they can set truly fulfilling goals in any areas of life.  Whether it is health, career, relationships or wealth you are striving to shift, your purpose is your drive, your motivator, your juice, your fuel and will impact every single, little decision you make. 

Lastly it is very important that I highlight what you are going through is completely normal!  You are not alone in this experience!  In fact it is so common it is being call the awakening experience.  Your consciousness or intuition is waking up.  Feelings are changing, awareness is expanding and knowledge is beginning to create a feeling of enlightenment within you.  This is all “normal” but unique to each individual.  That is why you are here now reading this and why I am here to guide and coach you.  Everything happens for a reason, remember.  No matter what stage of your transformational journey you feel you are in, your intuition has guided you here because you are ready to own your purpose, your truth.  Congratulations I am so happy for you, this is a huge life moment!  It may appear challenging, scary or even impossible to some but one day not long from now you will look back on this life moment with so much gratitude and love words will not bring justice to the feelings you are experiencing in your day to day life!