Psychic/ Medium Readings

A Psychic is a person considered to have the ability to see or predict the future.  A Medium is a person in contact with the spirits of the dead and can communicate between the dead and the living.


Personal Readings

After a personal session with me, you can expect to feel like you have gained a better insight into your personal self, energetic surroundings and clarity of your future. If a Spiritual connection is your desire you will gain a deeper understanding through the connection. During a mediumship reading I can provide such details as the physical characteristic, personality characteristics, sentimental past events, references to items and even names. It is my deepest desire to assist you to gain understanding, happiness and even closure during a mediumship reading.

Personal Readings are done over a phone call or in-person.

It is highly recommended you purchase the recording your reading.


Psychic Reading

I will connect with your subconscious mind, higher self and spirit guides to give you validating information about your past and present before moving into future topics. We can discuss any topic of your choice during your Reading. (Examples: Relationships, career, finances, family, health, life purpose.)



30 Minutes for $50
45 Minutes for $80
1 Hour for $100


Meduimship Reading

I will connect to the guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit. When connecting with Spirits I am able to provide different types of validation such as describing their physical human form, certain phrases said, personality traits, and characteristics. I am guided by Spirit to give you the messages you are ready to hear during that moment.

Note: If your loved one is recently passed please wait a minimum of 3 months before booking a reading to connect..


Individual In Person Bookings are not being booked again until May 2019 Due to Limited Time and Space. Group parties are still an option

30 Minute In Person Readings - The first Thursday of each month - 12-4pm

No Appointment Needed, Cash Only Please.
Located at Radiant Health Yoga/ Mystic Revelations,
473 Dundas St. Woodstock


Don’t have time to chat? Email Me!

1-5 Question Email Reading
from 10.00

Don't have time to chat? Book an Email Reading and get your answers right in your inbox! Ask Psychic, or Mediumship questions!


5 Questions $55
4 Questions $50
3 Questions $40
2 Questions $30
1 Questions $20

1 Mini Question $10 - (3-5 sentence answers)

You will be prompted to fill out your questions in a form before payment is made.

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Just have a quick question? Pendulum Readings

Pendulum Reading
from 4.00

You may select 1, 2, or 4 questions

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