Gallery/ Group Readings

Host a Psychic/ Medium Group Party:

Are you looking to find something new and different to do with your friends? Book a psychic party, gather family, friends, or co-workers together for some fun and enrichment!

Everyone enjoys a professional private psychic reading.  It's always a special gift to your friends to offer them such an authentic gift!

I attended a group reading / intuitive evening with Valerie at Mystic Revelations here in Woodstock. I was absolutely amazed. I’ve sat with many psychics over the years and I have never met someone more real, genuine and accurate.
— Jenna Kayln, Woodstock Ontario

How to Book:

You pick your date, and include the number of guests you have attending.
(Minimum 5 people plus host &
Maximum 8 people plus host.)

Individual Readings during parties are 20 minutes long, $40 per person. CASH ONLY

• BOOKING FEE: $40 is due at the time of booking to secure you date, and covers travel fees.
This booking fee acts as your deposit and will cover the cost of the Host/Hostess Personal Reading.

All Booking Fees with Valerie are 100% non-refundable once booked and paid. If needed, you will be given the opportunity to change your booking if you contact Valerie at least 1 week prior to the scheduled event. Only ONE “re-booking” is given.

Types of Readings:

Psychic Reading – I will connect with your subconscious mind, higher self and spirit guides to give you validating information about your past and present before moving into future topics. We can discuss any topic of your choice during your Reading. (Examples: Relationships, career, finances, life purpose.)

Medium Reading – I will connect to the guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit. When connecting with Spirits I am able to provide different types of validation such as describing their physical human form, certain phrases said, personality traits, and characteristics. I am guided by Spirit to give you the messages you are ready to hear at that moment.


Gallery Reading:

During a Gallery Reading everyone is seated in the same room receiving the messages together.

To Book Retreats & Corporate Rates

Please Call 1-519-535-4651

Prices Depend on the number of guests attending, and length of time requested.

Check for availability on the Facebook events page!