A Psychic is a person considered to have the ability to see or predict the future. 


A Medium is a person in contact with the spirits of the dead and can communicate between the dead and the living.

Types of Readings:

Personal Readings are done via phone call or in-person.  It is highly recommended you purchase the recording your reading.

30 Minutes for $50
45 Minutes for $80
1 Hour for $100

***If you would like to pay by email money transfer please contact thevalerieboyce@gmail.com***

Pricing is the same for Phone Readings and In-person Reading

Psychic Reading – I will connect with your subconscious mind, higher self and spirit guides to give you validating information about your past and present before moving into future topics. We can discuss any topic of your choice during your Reading. (Examples: Relationships, career, finances, family, health, life purpose.)

Medium Reading – I will connect to the guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit. When connecting with Spirits I am able to provide different types of validation such as describing their physical human form, certain phrases said, personality traits, and characteristics. I am guided by Spirit to give you the messages you are ready to hear at that moment. Note: If your loved one is recently passed please wait a minimum of 3 months before booking a reading to connect.

Shifting Belief Systems (min. 1-hour booking) – I will help you to discover the hidden belief systems you have adopted on your journey that no longer serve you. These belief systems are contradicting your current goals and dreams within life and leaving you feeling stuck, drained of energy, and maybe even depressed with no purpose. Together we will uncover the belief system and shift it into alignment with your true purpose, goals, and desires. 
*Please keep in mind that these belief systems we are attempting to shift have shaped and formed reality as you know it today, they didn’t form overnight! You may require more than one session to fully shift your belief systems into alignment with your reality. This is based on your dedication and focus, not on my ability to perform this service. Each person is unique and has a unique path to follow. *


How To Book

To Book In-Person Reading Please Call/text: 1-519-535-4651 or Email: thevalerieboyce@gmail.com

30 Minute Drop-in Readings - Thursdays 12-4pm

at Radiant Health Yoga/ Mystic Revelations, 473 Dundas St. Woodstock, CASH ONLY

Personal Phone Reading: 

Click the link below, choose the type of reading and length of time. Then select your date and time for your reading, you will then be prompted to make payment via Paypal. * You DO NOT need a Paypal Account.


Email Reading:

Don't have time to chat? Book an Email Reading and get your answers right in your inbox!


$50/ 4 Questions --- Payment by Email Money Transfer must be sent with questions.
**To pay with pay pal please contact thevalerieboyce@gmail.com with subject line “Email Reading Invoice”

Email the questions you have to me, and I will respond within 72  hours with the answers.   
Send to: thevalerieboyce@gmail.com

Please include the following with your emailed questions: 
1. Your full name, middle name and maiden name
2. Birthday, including year. 
3. Birth Locations. 
4. If this is your very first reading with me please include a recent photo.