What others have said...


“Thank you Miss Valerie for my lovely moss agate-although slightly different in patterning I love it! I envision the branches reaching out saying lean on me,enjoy the mossy flowers and the sun warming your soul!”


“We visited with Valerie this past weekend, was our first time with a Medium, must say there were some surprises we very much enjoyed ourselves... perhaps we sill come back “


"Thanks Valerie for a great reading. The information you provided was bang on as far as the validation piece and I'm excited to see how things turn out. You were very patient with timing and offered some interesting avenues to pursue. I've already given some recommendations to friends and for those wondering if this is the real thing.... I say jump in and do it! It's fun, informative and a little mind blowing at a reasonable price."


“Valerie was great to talk to. She gave me the reassurance I have been looking for. She also mentioned things that have been told to me before and validated them. I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold in the future and feel stronger in my position now to help my family going forward but also help myself.” 



"She was amazing! Valerie told me things that no one else other than dead people, could know! I am in such amazement with this young woman gifts!  During my hour long phone call with Val she was able to take me for a very nice trip down memory lane, validating many things and giving explanation to others!   She was able to connect to my late husband who even connect back in the moment by tapping on the doors and walls in the room!!!- not the first time I had heard this before! Valerie as able to connect with my children and tell me about each of them and a little of what is to come.  I highly recommend Valerie's gifts to everyone I who asks!  She was so accurate will basically everything she said ! It was like she was quoting my late husband! 
Oh Valerie!  Thank you for the opportunity you have brought so much peace a closure to my heart and family! "



"Highly recommend Valerie! Her gift is amazing I have never been to a psychic/medium before and had won a free reading with her. So far everything she had mentioned has come true for me. She told me my husband who had just started a new job would be switching jobs soon somewhere he would be better suited when I told my hubby we laughed because he had just started a job with good pay at bell and he had no intentions of leaving until a month later when he lost his job and was hired on at silo making 2$ more per hour than he was at bell and he said he likes it so much more he's more comfortable here.. she had also mentioned my son growing attached to a 13 year old boy which i thought was strange as my oldest was only 7 but a few months later we got him a walking buddy and this kid just happened to be turning 13! My son adores him and I think he is an awesome kids as well so that's 2 for 2. Valerie is very kind very upbeat and very very talented. I strongly recommend her!"




"Friends this lady is an amazing gifted young woman . My reading was beyond what I could of imagined . I received clarity and gifts from Valerie . Please look at her web page see her services and I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed! I won the free 40 min reading and I received far more than just a reading in that gift . I can't thank you enough Valerie and I look forward to being one of your clients in the future . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as your winner and making me feel like I truly am winning . Much love"



"I just had my phone reading with Valerie. I wanna say thank you for the opportunity to speak with you! You helped me get closure with my grandma and gave me exactly what I was looking for! 
You are an amazing woman and your gift is incredible! 
I hope we get the chance to speak again!!"







"To start Valerie was super communicative, punctual and affordable. I had fun on the call. Her words started off only resonating a little bit but as we talked and connected more, she definitely picked up on some accuracies in my life that were quite interesting. I think maybe these things take time to build a connection with your guide. She did pick up on the exact physical traits of my grandmother which was super cool and validating!"



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"My reading with Valerie Boyce was one of many tears, a lot of Kleenex, wonderment, laughter and my heart and mind at easy

Let me first start by saying when I found Valerie she was in a buy and sell group for her body talk. Immediately intrigued, I began following her page and later learned, she was a young accomplished medium who I was lucky enough to about to get a medium reading from. 
I wanted to book in Early Sept prior and ended up getting sick so I couldn’t follow through with the appointment . Story of my life. It seemed as though every time something is meant to happen I would become sick.... when I say sick I mean sick As violently ill and/or sent to the hospital. However she was not aware I was sick. Nor the fact that every time something happens or wanted to do something I got sick during those times. Almost a self sabotaging mechanism.
So This time I booked an appointment it was for end of November and I was determined I was going to go through with my appointment as I had had enough and I knew I needed it. It was a Tuesday my appointment time; early afternoon 2 pm to be precise. I was beyond excited, I even got dressed up. I know crazy..... right! Dressed up for a phone meeting with a medium, what the hell was I thinking now... but I did! I did get my hair done. My make up done and I was ready. I may have been but the time wasn’t ... so I awaited my allotted time set ... 2:00 pm. Anyway for my appointment I was so nervous yet excited... not sure what to think. I have had other mediums do Read’s on me and to be truthful really no one ever captured who I was ...or the meaning of anyone in my family. Never capturing the very essence of who I was or where I came from that’s where I think what makes a good one and that’s what I was looking for. I also Think that one other medium ( that was a decent read)Her future info could fit very well into this read and that too could make this read hit a huge hit with all the bases. The bases that started with Valerie introducing yourself. She asked me for my full name. I gave it.. she stooped and said no may I have YOUR full name please... so I gave it AGAIN. she stopped me AGAIN and again asked me for my FULL name... I had tears in my eyes.... she said this is not your name. How did she know this?? Was I being punked? For you see my mom had been married to my biological father then split and when she remarried, my new dad adopted us girls and we took on his name. Very few people knew this even in the family. BUT VAL KNEW!!!!! She knew first hand right right away. She also knew I had no relationship with my immediate family. 
She told me that my maternal grandmother was with me with soft flowing hair... that she watched over me and my babies. She knew that my grandma had a talent in the kitchen and I now did as did my kids..she saw crystals all around me and my Love of them from my grandma.
Val then moved onto my health. Nowfor doctors my health has been a mystery I’ve been sick been sick for seven maybe eight years it’s been a systematic disease that is affected many of my organs, muscles and much of my body. Started actually nine years ago in my blood. What most people don’t know is I have had DNA profiling done and test positive for Scleroderma. I have also been to BC and had all the Lyme disease testing done as I was bit in 2006. So I’m not 110 percent what exactly my official diagnosis is but what I can tell you is I have and suffer from seizures,migraines, arthritis that just shows up in joints, I have tacticardia, muscle spasms, mild issues with my liver and kidney, digestion issues Ect I have huge amounts of pain. 
So for Val first thing out of her mouth was you were brought to me for your health and to help heal yourself. Those words were Almost ICONIC. I thought what this is got to be a joke. Then she continued. She told me the issues started in my blood she was 100 percent right she said that I had major pain in my brain again 100 percent right I have 11 lesions in my brain. She hits on so many things. For a woman of early 20s who had no idea who I was or what I was to nail me, my relationship with my past grandmother and now my health
In a matter of 20 mins it was remarkable. Our session continued, we spoke of my children, we spoke more about my health and of my future and how I would help my health and my health would help with finances in my house. To date this medium reading has been the best reading I have had....this reading coincides the closest to the other reading that was the second best read which was from 2003. I am hopeful that the future part of the reading is going to be fairly accurate if not 100% as well. I feel it is...
With all things you have to take it with a grain of salt and I do realize that but I also do believe that Valerie Boyce is one of those talented young women mediums who does have a gift and I look forward to seeing where future takes her. Where the future takes me as i know I am just beginning and Valerie and I have a beautiful road that is intertwined with one."